2001 – commencement of activity of Kredyt Inkaso S.A.

2001 – purchase of the first portfolio of receivables

2007 – debut of Kredyt Inkaso S.A. on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

2007 – issue of the first series of corporate bonds

2010 – formation of the Capital Group (establishing the company KI Nieruchomoƛci and the company in Luxembourg).

2010 – acquisition of the non-standardized investment fund

2010 – purchase of the first NPL portfolio from PKO BP

2011 – acquisition of the legal office Forum

2011 – Issue of two new bond series on the Stock Exchange (E and H series)

2012 – the very first in Poland NPL portfolio sub-participation agreement concluded with GetinNoble Bank S.A.

2012 – Company Finsano Consumer Finance offering loans is established

2013 – commencement of activity on the Romanian and the Bulgarian market

2013 – commencement of activity in Russia

2014 – the value of portfolio managed by Kredyt Inkaso Capital Group has reached almost 4 billion zloty (c.a. 960 million EUR)